How do you know you like someone

 How can you understand that you like this person and do not like this person

People have a question in their mind that how will they know that they like someone and which they do not like, then it is not a very heavy question, it is very easy. When you don't like a person, some incidents happen to you. When that person comes in front of you, you get angry towards him and when you see him you start feeling a little disappointed. Or such thoughts start coming in your mind that if this person will stand here, then I will leave from here, some kind of feeling starts to form in your mind, then you understand that you do not like that person.

All these things tell you that if you love someone or get angry, if you love someone, you will be attracted to see him, and you will start thinking a little better for him, you will not be angry with him, You want to be around him, so you understand if you love that person, that person likes you.

When we meet someone, we get different emotions, sometimes we are shocked to see someone, sometimes we get angry at someone, sometimes it happens that we are attracted to someone Everything has its own meaning like if someone likes us, we will smile when we see it and we will have good thoughts towards it. If we ignore a person, that person does not like us, we do not want us to talk to that person, we do not want that person to talk to us nor do we talk to him. As we told you that when we go in front of every person, different feelings arise in our mind, it may be that if we hide from seeing someone, it may mean that we We have done something wrong and we are afraid of that person. Our facial expressions show how much we like the person in front. If we look properly in the mirror, we get to know how we feel about the person in front of us. How we feel towards a person.


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